It has been a fallow time for this blog. I wrote more posts in the first three months than have been managed for the entire rest of the year. The reason for this, of course, was a change in career path plus clear acknowledgement that if you want to get good at something, sitting doing something else won’t improve your skill. I have effectively ground my way to competency in poetry, levelled up fiction skills and have maximum rep for the first time in my life with the local Gym.

All this is important, and relevant, but there’s still a part of my heart forever in Azeroth. It’s a decade of Warcraft blogging in February, and I still have two subs running. Once the new patch drops (and I’ll be honest, there’s no actual idea when that is, I just know it’s Soon [TM]) I’ll come back for a while. However, there is a novel to edit and two deadlines to hit over the Christmas break, so again I won’t allow the virtual to hamstring progress. I know now what the benefits are of hard work elsewhere.


This month therefore there will be considered observations on what has come before, plus what is yet to happen. There is also two weeks at the end of the month where I get to do nothing and therefore some of the Allied Races should get a bit more levelled. Also, at least someone gets to wear the Dwarf Heritage armour once it is released.

This is to tell you I’m still here, and eventually there will be more words, but for the first bit of December more important things are going on elsewhere…

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