I didn’t log in for Winter Veil this year for the first time since the holiday was introduced. There, I said it. Don’t worry, I’m not about to announce my departure from Azeroth any time soon, there simply was not the time across Christmas in which to do so. In effect, I chose to submit two pieces of work to writing prizes rather than spend two weeks levelling alts. There’s no big deal, it’s a simple exchange of time to effort.


I miss playing. There, I said that too. However, not gonna lie either: having dipped in  during the first few days of 8.1, nothing pulls me towards grinding stupid necklace power. However many lovely sparkly bits of shit get attached to it, however limited or short term they might be, there is a pretty strong possibility all this can be ignored and I’ll just come back when they introduce new classes in the next Expansion.

What I miss, in all honestly, is grinding old dungeons. I’d like to do some dual boxing, collect some mog stuff, maybe finish the professions I can that don’t involve ridiculous reputation grinds to Exalted. I want to play solo. Island Expeditions, however attractive and full of bling they might be are an utter waste of my time if the other two people show up and don’t contribute. The only reliable player is me, in these situations: allowing me to bio or AFK without being considered toxic.


Once I’ve broken the back of my other responsibilities this week, you’ll see me in-game.

Hopefully, we’ll have a semi-regular blog starting again next week.

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