Those of you paying attention will know that, early in February, I’ll have been blogging about Warcraft for a decade. It would be a lie to say that, at least since Battle for Azeroth launched in September, that there’s been anywhere near the level of interest that previously existed. I’m still subbed and potter about, but undoubtedly, enjoyment has been lost. In the spirit of a certain lifestyle guru therefore it is time to be grateful, then let go of some unwanted items of business before moving on.

I didn’t want to call it a day after a decade of blogging, but increasingly before Christmas that was the option that made the most sense. I’ll write about Azeroth stuff from time to time, but my prolific days of a post a day are long gone. Ironically, that has very little to do with the quality of content since the Expansion launched and a lot more around a section of people who seem to think that if you’re not talking about their participation, you’re not worth talking about.


It’s always been like this in Warcraft: either you’re part of the Clique, or you’re not. For a while, for reasons that now seem utterly amazing to me, having significance amongst  that select few was something that mattered to me more than anything else. Then came a revelation that it was words that mattered more. Any game that enthusiastically encourages me to play X hours a day to obtain anything of value is no longer of interest.

With the events of the last three months as the final straw, it was time to change plans.

Changing one word in this blog title has reignited a desire to write, preventing the shuttering of the space for good. You can be grateful for all the useless shit you throw out and never use, but never remove the true essence of what you really are. For the final poke towards this conclusion… well, I suppose this was what started it. 

I’ve been gaming for forty years. That’s a shed-tonne of memories, important points in the history not only of pixels, but the Internet too. That’s worth keeping alive, and allows me to still be grateful for Azeroth before quietly disposing of a lot of the emotional baggage that continues to hold me back. Everything that has come before will stay, but in the next few days the site will be streamlined to accommodate more posts on other games, and my memories of times past.

In the end, you are what you play. I won’t stop being in Azeroth, but until there’s a fundamental shift of interest away from stuff that can be converted into esports, the current fare really isn’t going to cut it any more. I’ll level some Allied Races in the next couple of months, but you’re far more likely to see me on Steam doing God Sims, playing classic games from my past and generally not giving a flying fuck about other people’s drama.

When I feel like recording the adventures, you’ll now find them here.

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