For a while, I’ve been looking for a sandbox to play in that suited my particular requirements:

  • Need to be able to build my own house,
  • Fighting game, however not built around combat but exploration,
  • No pressure to conform,
  • Gear is irrelevant;
  • If I want gear, I make it myself.

My daughter has played Terraria, on and off since release in 2011. It was one of the first games she ever played, if truth be told. It seemed appropriate therefore, having watched it played off and on for such a long time to finally dip into it myself. I spent the entirety of Sunday mucking about and, quite honestly, it was glorious.


Having my daughter act as tutorial/guide was the best instruction a woman could ask for, and it was not long before my simple one storey structure had become several. I remember the while ‘You need to have a chair and table in your house to spawn merchants’ rule and by the end of my massive session yesterday I’d met someone at the bottom of a cave system who facilitates a fourth storey extension.

It’s a really simple interface but yes, I’d still die in the dark, underground, because of getting mixed up with controls. No matter, I found my own way with dealing with mobs, which worked really well, and once I go back to pick up my stuff after two deaths at the end of play yesterday, it will be with considerably more confidence than I had at the beginning of proceedings.


I’m still fairly fragile, and the armour definitely needs work, but yesterday was very much an ‘establish the ground rules’ session: needs lots of mining, my house needs windows and some granite decoration. There ought to be a room just for banners (drop for every 50 mobs of a certain type killed, it appears) and then all floors need to be stone… and the list goes on.

I’ve not survived more than five minutes in the Desert area that’s west of my house, so that needs proper exploring. Only one big ice cave has been explored. Honestly, the surface of this game has hardly even been scratched, the crafting side of things needs serious exploration and understanding. I’ve not even worried about killing bosses either, but daughter has promised to assist when it happens.

There is no stress that I’m somehow missing out on something by not being able to compete at the same level as everybody else. There doesn’t need to be a subscription, or a gear score, or a massive chase to collect the latest thing. Most importantly of all, this company isn’t trying to keep me as a subscriber. If the last 15 years has done anything, it is to make me sick of gaming consumerism.

I have a long way to go to attain this level of building but it’s an attractive possibility to allow brain a relaxation away from writing and working. In the end, that’s what gaming has always been: way to escape reality and exist on my rules. This time however, this is not a place to hide, then get trapped inside. Those days are past and will never happen again.

There’s too much fun to have in reality.

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