I am making slow and steady progress in learning the mechanics of a new world from scratch. Terraria is the perfect combination of challenging and customisation to suit my needs: house building is a such a joy, and is exactly what is needed to allow my brain the opportunity to relax and be challenged simultaneously. Most importantly of all however this is not a steep learning curve. I’m getting there at my pace.

Capture 2019-06-17 08_53_09.png

‘Home’ has already required some tinkering since the iteration used for this blog’s header image: I’ve had to extend out once, and will likely have to do so again, as more machines are found for the various businesses of crafting. My latest joy was the discovery of an Alchemy Table (near the front door) when I came across my first Dungeon… but that’s for another post. For now, let’s give you a tour.

Capture 2019-06-17 09_03_37

This is the front of the house, where I’ve installed a Herb Garden. All those planters on the raised platforms allow me to grow herbs for potions and then harvest: seeds normally only grow in the biomes in which they come from, but planters allow me to grow anywhere. The signs are there to remind me what I’m growing at any given time. Apparently, if I can find some dart traps in the world, they make for instant harvesting…

Capture 2019-06-17 09_04_23

In the area under my house I’ve set up a mini biome experiment, which as you see means that I can grow and harvest cactus. I’ll be trying to do the same with Jungle seeds in this area, plus it may end up as additional storage as time goes on.

Capture 2019-06-17 09_04_51

The front of my house is where my rapidly expanding statue collection lives: the area to the right of my ‘HOME’ sign used to be open space but has been re-purposed for crafting machines. I must work out how I brew beer using the Keg there, I’ll put that on the To Do List…

Capture 2019-06-17 09_05_32

Labelling my chests (daughter’s idea) has been an absolute revelation, and keeps me up to date with what is where. Up where the red-hatted gentleman is standing is my own ‘personal’ area, recently decorated with Necromatic banners from the first dungeon. The Piggy Bank is now where cash is kept, gold chest for clothing and special items. I need to add table and chairs to a few rooms to make them habitable and ready for new NPC’s to live in…

Oh, and bookcases. How I absolutely LOVE them, and the Terrarium with a Grubby worm in. It is the joy of discovering new things to craft each time I return from a new biome that makes this game so very enjoyable to pick up and then get distracted by…

Capture 2019-06-17 09_05_51.png

A lot of the ‘game’ right now is making rooms look good. Some of these work, others need tweaking. I’ve tried to future-proof with found chests and candelabra, odd items made and then discovered. The Sunflowers room is, I have to say, a particular favourite, once I’d worked out how to make red brick walls for myself. I’ll only look up an item if I can’t work out myself how it is made or implemented, and only as a last resort.

Capture 2019-06-17 08_53_11

Crafting is a HUGE part of the Terraria experience, and I have only just begun to scratch the surface of what is possible. Then there’s fishing, which was what I was about to go and investigate yesterday when I came across a dungeon for the first time…

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