This is actually a Thing, which came as a surprise. It’s quite smart too, if truth be told: start a thread for each server, ask people to connect after absence. An awful lot of water’s gone under the bridge since 2005. The number of people I know who left the game to get away from others is considerable. Why on earth would you suddenly feel the urge to reconnect, pretending that the last fifteen years never happened?

No, don’t answer that.

What this nugget appearing on the Battle.net launcher did manage to kickstart last week was a discussion on how much of the past I’d be prepared to accommodate. Then I set about thinking over a discussion that I know is playing out across servers, in Discord and probably in Guild chats… from Twitter to Facebook and all points in-between, which undoubtedly starts something like this:

[A]: classic was crap when you look past nostalgia xd
[B]: I love how many people think just because they might not enjoy Classic means no one else can enjoy it either.
[A]: that wasn’t the argument at all but ok strawman summore 


We all know people doing this. I’ve watched the complaints. I’ve listened to both sides. This is no longer about whether it’s right or wrong, because it’s gonna happen regardless. At 11pm tonight a ton of people will reserve names for characters they may only play to L10, but it is now largely inescapable. Method appear to be prepping for a Race to L60. People will make streaming careers from what some consider a utter, total waste of time.

If you kill it (slowly, with lots of time to drink in between) they will watch.


So, what is the point? It doesn’t matter. That’s gaming. You don’t need a reason to never leave the Pandarian starting area and level just using herbalism, it’s acceptable within game play. This was the world where I levelled from 35 to 40 dying in Southshore as a side note when PvP Instances didn’t exist. This is a place where I never realised the Auction House existed until I had an Epic item to sell.

Just because you played it then, doesn’t give you the right to diss people now. It certainly doesn’t allow anyone the ability to claim expertise in being Classic savvy, though it’s clear thousands of people are. If you wanna get out that AQ Mount in Retail and show off, go right ahead, but when the new #Classic servers begin you’re just as much of a scrub as everybody else: that alone makes this whole endeavour that more interesting.

Imagine if levelling the playing field like this was possible in BfA.


If I was looking to make my name at this stage in the ActiBlizz Evolutionary Process, I’d seriously consider streaming Classic. Everybody has to start somewhere, and if you bring the right combination of factors to the table, it could be a great way to break yourself into a world that really desperately needs to stop looking inwards and start moving away from what is acceptable as ‘traditional’ in this context.

I’m confident there’ll be people a year from now who will still be there. Even if this endeavour goes the same way as most people’s original Classic Experiences, I know there will be those who go to the 1-60 grind and never return to Retail. It’s fairly apparent ActiBlizz are counting on this too, or there wouldn’t be so much of a focus on this launch away from the product that most of you are still playing regardless.

It’s what happens once that arcade dust has settled that matters more…

One thought on “I’ll be There for You

  1. We have resubbed purely for Classic. The reset of sorts is definitely a bonus. I know it won’t last and plenty of people will level/gear faster than us but husband’s work colleagues have made a guild and we’re going to see how it goes. I’m desperately hoping that knowing them in “real life” will cut down on the toxicity but will see although compared to some, our toxic experiences have been limited to people whispering Mr Erinys stuff like “You only won because of your precious healer…” and some decidely odd guild leaders in vanilla/tbc/Lich King.

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