I rarely get cross over games any more but when I do…

So, for those not yet aware, there’s a trio of instances created especially for Casuals Like Me between now and 8.3 for those feeling like a challenge. It’s simple: three classic raid bosses from TBC, Wrath and Cataclysm, and you only have to knock 30% of their health off to win. Really, how simple is that? The best thing of all, of course, is that those bosses all include mechanics that, on their day, were guild breakers.

The old days were the best, were’t they?

Depending on a) your time in game and b) your devotion to playing ‘well’, all of these things are minor irritations. If you’ve never done Arthas and don’t get Defile as a mechanic, dying once and an explanation in Chat should be enough. No, really, it should be… except it isn’t. If you can’t get your head around that in the Wrath trio, there is NO WAY that you’re ever doing Ragnaros with 24 randos.

That fight was a guild killer for a reason.


I realised this morning that, having safely secured the mount already, loot becomes a bit of a poisoned chalice. Sure, there’s bazillions of Timewalking badges tied up in running these things, which would be great for mount collecting, but the 420 loot isn’t a guarantee. I ran 2/3 of the dungeons on an alt and was rewarded only badges and Azerite. I’m not even sure I can throw a token at this weekly either.

Then, you have to do the Maths of Complaintis the time I use trying to complete this thing worth the amount of effort expended to do so, when if I wanted an upgrade it’s probably easier to grind WQ’s and hope. This morning I gave myself 30 minutes. 2/3 of the dungeons were done, and it was inevitably Ragnaros that killed everyone. No, he wasn’t bugged. We didn’t deal with adds correctly. Nobody has as yet in all the tries I’ve seen.

In this case, people are the problem.


Sure, the encounter may well be bugged, and if it is… well, you want the mount enough, keep trying until you complete the encounter. It’s a guaranteed drop once you do 9 bosses. No RNG here. The number of people who have the mount after Day 1 says to me that clearly, it’s possible to complete, even if there’s an issue. Then, it all boils down to how much you want to look like everybody else.

Me, I’m just here to add it to a total. I’m also more than a little amused at the level of internet-generated indignation about something that is being given to you as a gift, but is at the same time challenging you to become a better player. If it matters enough, really, just do the work. It’s only pixels, FFS. This is not a personal conspiracy to destroy your enjoyment. Neither is it really that tough to watch a cast bar and move as it does.


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