There’s a conversation or two somewhere to be had over why I’m still playing this game, after 15 years. Is this habit? Am I loathed to throw away all those years of perceived effort? The real reason, like it or not, is that despite all the shit that happens /points out there in reality, all the people bemoaning how loathsome the massive corporation is behind the game… I still enjoy it. It gives me entertainment.

Enjoy the things you have, while you can.

Bearing this in mind, let’s talk about Korrak’s Revenge.


This is the Classic PvP Experience that is supposed to recreate the look and feel of the first ever Battleground I lived in, and that is meant literally. Without the hyperbole that is inevitable when such things are discussed, I really did spend eight hours in an AV once, and it was fucking glorious. However, that was more than a decade ago. I’ve changed, whilst crucially so has everybody else playing.

The rules aren’t the same, people’s attitudes and mindsets have altered, and with the best will in the world trying to pretend this is an authentic recreation of experience is just dumb. Yes, this is the original AV, with all the shit that was exploitable and subsequently got changed. Crucially however, it is significantly effort/reward altered. 200 Timewalking badges is a pittance, let’s be honest.


I don’t really care about badges, I’m a collection whore here for the Mount, and if I can exceed 21% progress from being in the Battleground for about 90 minutes? It’s tuned just right. For the record there are a lot more badges to be earned: capture a mine, take a Graveyard, collect supplies or wrangle a Ram/Wolf… all those ‘Classic experiences’ that don’t matter in current AV because all people care about is the ‘honor.’

For that, it’s great. People get bored and drift away. Those who decide to complain in chat inevitably just turned up to win, and can’t work out why so many people are happy just to kill each other for no discernible reward. I popped into one this morning and was met with so much vitriolic chat that taking the Deserter debuff was by far the most sensible use of my time. If you’re able to complain, you’re not focusing on fighting. 

That’s not how any of this is supposed to work.


Compare this with last night when I queued for a Heroic Stromgarde and rofflestomped it with an efficiency that defied belief. Now I know the method changes, and that you really do need to be on your toes, it’s amazing to think I’d want to play in any other way. When someone makes the effort to stick 29 other randos and you in a group like this, everybody has a vested interest in making the result work.

The reward, for me, was twofold. An iLevel 420 belt knocks spots off the Benthic equivalent, and with nine weeks until the gear reset, it’s one less thing to worry about upgrading. More significantly, group play is becoming less of an issue. There was definitely a psychological ‘moment’ that took place when I stopped playing. Now I’m back in the groove? I miss being guilded. There, I said it.

There’s lots to think about going forward. I’m not about to get upset about this either: people, it’s content you wouldn’t have otherwise, you get two mounts from it for what is, let’s be honest, minimal effort. Enjoy what you have, and if you don’t like the concepts please stop shitting on them at height whilst taking part in them. My ignore list is only so big, and it is filling up quickly.


Nobody likes a fucking whiner.

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