The next time I log my main into Azeroth, she’ll reach L70 on her Heart of Azeroth. I’m assuming that’s it, I’ll then be maxxed out, presumably until 8.3 comes along and some funky change takes place. As I’m doing my level best not to spoil myself going forward, that means a bit of planning is probably a good idea from now on. Therefore, I ask myself, what does my Main need to work on?

Gearing as Extremely Casual


I’ve not done LFR for the entire Expansion. There’s just no desire to learn raid fights in that environment any more. I’ve also not yet completed the Kul Tiran endgame questline, because it’s been quite tough even doing random five mans. However, since I came back there’s been some groups, and upgrades… but not one Mythic Plus. The majority of my major upgrades have been either luck, PvP, or through DE-ing unwanted Azerite items.

Gearing therefore is very much a lottery. Once the WQ’s reset in 8.3, I suspect they and World Bosses will be my major source of upgrades. As long as I can feel reasonably solid when soloing (and that is very much the case at present) gear is not a priority either. I’m not here to look shiny and OP. This then begs the question… well, what are you here for then? Why keep playing if half the content is never touched?

The Joy of Random


There are a number of distractions I really enjoy in BfA: Missions are now a reasonably lucrative means of making gold (especially with Legendary followers and Follower equipment for collection in both slots) plus Island Expeditions provide a healthy stream of pets to sell and transmog to use. Combining the two for Titan Residuum means there’s an Azerite 435 item in every slot available, which is lovely.

After that? World Quests make me a small fortune, I have enough Resources to start an infinite number of alts on their journeys, and there’s a small pile of disparate currencies piling up to buy mounts, pets and toys. All the things I complained about in Legion got fixed, and now there’s really never any excuse to get bored… and I don’t. The problem, right now at least, is working out what to do next.

I don’t need Account-Wide Essences


My alt game is no longer stronk. With barely enough time to play one main well, others will inevitably fall by the wayside. However, depending on how long it is to Shadowlands, that might change. The only other 120 I have is pretty well geared. With the Anniversary buff, proper organisation and some time in AV? I’m told I can do 115-120 in an hour. That seems an attractive possibility.

After that however, there need to be more planning than I’m currently capable of. There needs to be some actual time made and though put into process, and right now that’s not a priority. Writing a novel for NaNoWriMo is, and until that changes… it will happen, probably when I need a break from writing. That’s where the game really helps me now: an alternative to thinking… except, I need to think to move forward.

There is an awful lot of organisation in my future.

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