Last night, I was shattered, but utterly determined to complete the task I’d begun in-game: sorting out myself the AV 15th Anniversary Mount. Even a friend dangling a Heroic Eternal Palace run for gear did not put me off the task in hand because really, my gear is fine now. If you ask me why I’m still playing, it has nothing to do with beating bosses or feeling powerful. I’m here for the craic.

However, to do that now will need a fucktonne of organisational acumen.

Once upon a time, I thought my playstyle was the exception… but now, of course, Social media informs me otherwise. There are many people like me, out in the Real World, doing exactly this. Making lists, ticking off objectives… creating the World of Warcraft in their own image. Of course, those of you paying attention know that today is in fact the 15th Birthday of the original becoming a Thing.

When you know you’re not alone, everything gets that little bit easier to cope with.


That meme I love to throw about a lot sums my life up in Azeroth: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Once I got the priorities straight and realised this is just a game for me and not a job… it comes down to what matters most. For me, that’s keeping the main on top of slow, steady progress and the occasional upgrade, with everybody else covered when time allows, except…

The 15th Anniversary buff really is too good to miss, and once the Faire gets here next month, well… I’d be dumb not to at least try and get some of the 100-120 crew up to max. So, that’s the notes up there, in a brand new book for the occasion. Eight alts, all of whom should not take long to max, and we’ll worry about gear in 8.3. Talking of which… I’m trying my best not to be spoilt. Occasionally, stuff gets through.

Yeah, not much changes around here, however long you go away.

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