There’s a fuss ‘out there’ in Warcraft Fandom about someone revealing the identity of something that won’t be available in game for potentially a year. It would be really easy to name names, after all even the most cursory of Google searches calls up all the details for people to see… except, of course, we shouldn’t be discussing this shit. The old expansion’s not even done yet.

This is what happens when players empower third party content to become more important than current output. It’s all our fault: consumerism only flourished in its early days because people had cash after basic needs to use as they saw fit. Once we were able to afford luxury items, people started taking that money to help us not look like beggars, or to not live in hovels, or from the need to collect every single Murloc plushie.

We created this situation ourselves. We only have ourselves to blame.

What I find most ironic of all, whenever this conversation comes up, is that players don’t grasp they’re attacking themselves whenever this argument occurs, and it does with frightening regularity. We were the ones who wanted to make the game simpler… remember, we’ve talked about this at length. Pointing a finger of blame at people whose sites we are asked to pay for in return for making the game easier is not unreasonable.

Except, were not for these people, you would have to spend long, hard hours actually making the mistakes for yourselves. You could waste days on pointless endeavours, become hugely frustrated and stop playing. All the content creators know this, they also know the niche players who only want to talk about making gold, or levelling alts, or RP walking though Expansions. They’re all exploiting your needs, like it or not. EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE FAMOUS ON THE INTERNET.

The more problematic issue in all of this is avoidance. Muting all the news sites only works to a point, because many of these people are ‘personalities’ away from their day jobs with equally massive followings. Like it or not, some of this shit gets through regardless: I take my choices on most days, and now will willingly spoil myself so that other people don’t get the opportunity. Does it ruin my enjoyment? No.

What it does highlight however is that a phenomenal number of people really aren’t listening, don’t care, or are simply happy with the way things are. Drama is for those people who have nothing better to do with their lives, enjoy the process of using other people’s livelihoods to pay their bills, and that guy in your feed who just retweets anything he thinks looks cool. Everybody else has it on mute and moves on.

Welcome to the future of video gaming entertainment.

Between you and me, there are far more important things to be dealing with right now than having a hissy fit over Shadowlands. Maybe you could finally start that exercise regime you’ve been putting off all year. Perhaps your desk area could do with a good tidy up… let’s be honest, pretty much anything else you could do right now matters more than getting upset over something you were fundamental in making a reality.

None of this should be a surprise: if it is, maybe it’s time to take a step back from Azeroth.

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