The biggest complaint I have seen since Warcraft’s Patch 8.3 was introduced has very little to do with new mechanics and an awful lot to do with quality of life. Specifically, travel times being used as gating has upset those who want their daily business over as fast as conceivably possible. Could you not have placed portals to these new places? Where are my easy shortcuts to planned content?

More and more, we’re on deadlines. There’s only so many hours in the day in which to do all this stuff and stay sane. If companies want us to play their games, surely they’ll streamline that process to make things easier. I don’t have the time to do all this and everything else that is expected of me. Of course, most don’t grasp that all of this is part of a larger mentality not only to keep content relevant for longer, but to try and force players into,  you know, learning how to play better.

Except, depressingly, lots of players really don’t have time for that either.

Hammeh’s spot on with their analysis, of course. What should happen, in every game we play, is the desire to improve and learn. The same is true in life, or at least it should be, but as I stare this morning at Social media timelines which are full of stupid white people quite patently failing to learn about so many things that really should be part of basic common sense, decency and respect?

Trying to police that or impose rules will undoubtedly have one of two consequences: adapt, or leave. It’s far easier to just not play if getting what you want in the time available becomes impractical, and undoubtedly when people get bored, that’s where we all end up. Far easier things to do than stress about a game: play summat easier, less stressful. After all, games are supposed to be relaxation and not a learning experience.

If all else fails, there’s always a way somehow to get what you want.

This would be the point in the post where I’d offer my opinion on this, probably in a couple of paragraphs. Honestly, it won’t take that long. Increasingly, people feel entitled to input on everything, including their leisure activities. In this case, you’re being asked to learn. Learning is good, and you’re not listening nearly enough to what you’re being told is good for you.

You can adapt and win. It takes effort and co-operation. That’s the whole point of PvP.

If you can’t accept that, why are you even playing in the first place?

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