It’s the part of Warcraft everyone loves, and that consumes more bag space per character than any of those annoying Vanity items. It has contests dedicated just to it. You can make yourself look like anything you like as long as the game has an item for it. Yes, Mogging is a Thing, and I’m doing it. As a result, have a page dedicated to my efforts and the AWESOME it creates.

You’re Welcome.


Old Main Gear

New Main Gear

Horde Hunter 2014


Gnome Warlock 2014


50+ Budget Mog


Worgen Druid

Best Damn Mog EU

Panda Girl


Priest in Purple

Nature Druid

Pher’s pre-BfA Mog

Hunter 2014

2014 Shaman

2014 Horde Rogue

2015 Camo Hunter #1


2015 Camo Hunter #2

2015 Camo Hunter #3

2015 Warlock

More mogs are always in development. Check back soon for changes and additions!